Who is Avantax Wealth ManagementSM?



Avantax Wealth ManagementSM  believes that the key to long-term financial success lies at the intersection of taxes and wealth management. That most financial decisions, at their core, 

are tax decisions.  When we integrate tax decisions with investment decisions, it influences the results – we call it Tax Smart.  This philosophy is the core of our belief system and at the heart of everything we do.

Avantax believes taxes have become something people dread and many financial professionals ignore.  The tax preparation industry often focuses on maximizing consumers' once-a-year tax savings - and doesn't account for the impact taxes can have on their wealth management plans/goals.  Both short-term and long-term goals.  They may not address the client's goals of  minmimizing taxes, maximizing wealth, increasing cash flow and enabling better long-term financial outcomes.  

Avantax Wealth ManagementSM wants to become Tax-Smart leaders, earning world-class customer loyalty and trust by being the preeminent leader in Tax Smart wealth management. Our central purpose that guides our actions: we exist to help people leverage one of life's most complicated and largest expense items -  taxes.  

By using our tech suite of Tax-Smart products and insights, we can uncover tailored and advantageous opportunities across our customer's financial lifecycle. We offer a Tax-Smart (or tax optimized) approach to comprehensive financial services.  

Tax-Smart solutions help address clients' financial goals by managing one of life's most complicated and largest expenses – taxes.  Clients will get comprehensive wealth management advice to be able to help keep more of the money they worked hard to make.  Clients, regardless of their wealth, will have access to the same money-smart services.  With Avantax Wealth ManagementSM , clients are secure in knowing that they are getting valuable guidance and help in pursuing their financial goals.