Who is 1st Global?

1st Global helps affiliated wealth management firms be better tomorrow than they are today in a way that is meaningful to you- the client. As financial services increasingly become both commoditized on one hand, and much more complex on the other; the care, concern and deep commitment to help professionals achieve the ideal picture of themselves and their firms are what set 1st Global apart. This is the spirit of consultation and advice.

However, consulting and advice without supportive scholarly evidence is merely the sharing of opinions.
1st Global is committed to an intellectually rigorous approach in forming our ideas, processes and philosophies.  What began as a desire to help our affiliated firms and professional advisors with their needs has transformed into many areas of original, proprietary research. We believe in the power and advantages of primary and useable research to bring value to you.

1st Global provides affiliated advisors with the essential support needed to build a successful wealth management  business. Through the Arxis' partnership with 1st Global, your financial advisor can help you with a comprehensive suite of services and customized solutions that cover the entire spectrum of wealth management. Your financial advisor has the ability to review your investment portfolio to ensure it is properly aligned to help you fulfill the promises you have made to those important to you. They will discuss your current investment plan and offer tax-optimized solutions that will help enable you to maximize your wealth.

Service excellence and consulting, powered by primary research, are the pillars that define 1st Global and its affiliated firms today and for many years to come.

1st Global believes that CPAs are the most qualified providers of complex, sophisticated wealth management  solutions in America. If tax planning is not at the core of a financial plan, the plan may fail to deliver optimal benefits to you. As one of the most trusted professions in America, CPAs are uniquely qualified to provide this essential foundation.